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up into space using a balloon as the launch. So, as part of their ongoing tests was to take Dr Pirie'▓s book to the edge of space. You can see the metallic arm gripping it. And you can see a blue-ish glow around t▓he curved earth which, is of course, the atmosphere.What a thrill! And here's what else the author had to say:"This was their way of t▓hanking me for sponsoring them and getting their project off the ground (so to speak). L▓ast month the team twice broke the world altitude for an ama▓te

ur balloon. "We believe mine might be the first science fiction book sent into space. It's certainly the first by an amateur, non-government, team, but I don▓'t recollect any previous one by anyone at▓ all." In case you're wondering, Cambridge University

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hat will take him 60 miles into space!Okay, more links. Click here for the Cambridge University Spaceflight,▓ and again for the Dark Visito

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r page at Amazon and don't forget to visit my website at james-chau.com.Related stories:Beijing boasts stunning new buildingsThe ancient capital city of Beijing, lo▓ng known for the architectural splendor of its centuries-old palaces and temples, is getting a new ▓look that could have been plucked from science fiction.▓ "This is the hottest place on Earth in terms of architecture," says Rory McGowan, a Beijing-based director of Arup, the British design and engin▓eering firm, which is involved in several signature projects in the city. Architects and designers "are▓ flocking over here in the thousands to look at Beiji▓ng." As China's economy started taking off about 20 years ago, a similar transformation began changing the face of Beijing. Scores of traditional▓ courtyard homes, fa

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ctories and drab commun▓ist-inspired apartment blocks have been razed in re▓cent years to make way for high-rise bui▓ldings with names such as Fortune Plaza, Soho and Park Avenue. Now, with the Olympics coming, the construction has turned into a round-the-clock f▓renzy as the host city seeks to convey an innovative and forward-looking

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